And when it seems like the darkness might overtake us, it’s easy to distract ourselves with anything that makes us feel better:

Wine. Netflix. Instagram.

But we know that too many distractions keep us from the truth that there really is good to behold. There is good news to share. There is more to life than this world.

We all know what darkness feels like.

We're Brandon & Laura-Anne Smid, and we know that the promise of an eternity in heaven changes everything, which is why we create prayerfully crafted & curated Catholic wares to enlighten the everlasting in our lives.

Sometimes we need a reminder of the things that last.

enlighten the everlasting

Let the light of resurrection dawn within our hearts to bring us to the radiance of eternal life.

Let the light of resurrection dawn within our hearts
to bring us to the radiance
of eternal life.

From Week I Saturday Morning Prayer

May the Lord enkindle within us the flame of his love, and the fire of everlasting charity.

The words the priest says after the incensing of the offerings at Solemn Mass.


latin. adjective. eternal, everlasting.

Latin. Adjective.
Eternal, everlasting.

That relationship was broken by sin, us turning away from him, but Jesus’s death on the cross and resurrection changed all that. The chasm between heaven and earth closed; our relationship with God restored.

Putting Jesus at the center of our lives has brought joy, peace, and comfort in all seasons, especially the dark ones. We mess up and fail to keep him there, but we know we can return to God again and again and again.

And praise be that God has given us so many ways to remind us of his love and mercy:

The Holy Mass. The Sacraments. Personal prayer. Stories of saints. Sacramentals. The list of true, good, and beautiful things to unite us with God while we’re on earth goes on.

We know we do better at staying focused on this journey to heaven when we have deeply meaningful reminders of eternity around us.

We believe God created us to have a personal relationship with him.

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Remember eternity in all seasons.

Remember eternity
in all seasons.

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